The mentioning of cholesterol is becoming extremely frightening and many people have requested
for the topic to be included in this edition. Cholesterol is a naturally occurring fat. Everyone needs cholesterol although there are bad ones. Cholesterol is found in virtually all the body cells where it contributes immensely to vital body functions.
* It helps in building new cell.
* It helps in insulating the nerves.
* It helps in producing hormones.

High Cholesterol

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Sources of cholesterol:
The liver produces cholesterol but the chief source of high cholesterol level is diet rich in saturated fats. The foods are; egg, butter, chicken, pork, fried foods, highly processed food, etc. Fatty acids
from these sources tend to accumulate in the walls of the cardiovascular system where they pose serious threat to normal blood flow. This is why they are labeled 'bad cholesterol'.  However, fatty
acids from vegetable origin such as, soya oil, olive oil, nuts, etc unsaturated fat and they are not dangerous.

Fish oils behave like vegetable oil. Diets compose of these in their natural state are not likely to raise the blood cholesterol.

Cholesterol in the blood stream binds with protein molecules to form various forms of lipoprotein.

High-density lipoprotein (HDL) helps to transport cholesterol to the liver where it is processed and expelled in the bile. High-density lipoprotein is termed good.

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) tends to remain in the blood stream and it is usually deposited in walls of the cardiovascular organs. Its association with the walls of the heart and arteries has been implicated in many cardiovascular diseases. This is why Low-density lipoprotein is labeled as bad cholesterol.

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A high level of cholesterol in the blood does not have obvious symptoms but thy are often associated with cases such as obesity, diabetes, importance, angina, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc.

Prevention and Management:
1.Adopt a diet low in fat (discipline your taste).
2.Control your weight.
3.Exercise regularly.
4.Avoid smoking.
5.High fibre diet is good control measure.
6.High fibre supplements are good in managing cholesterol.

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